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  • spiral retaining ring
spiral retaining ring

spiral retaining ring

  • Material: SS304/SS316 or Customized
  • Feature: No friction with other rotating components
  • Size: Customized
  • Environment: High speed applications and high temperatures
  • Product description: spiral retaining ring is a metallic labyrinth seal consisting of multiple rings in a groove. We have been manufacturing spiral retaining ring in China since 2002
Spiral Retaining Ring

Spiral retaining ring is a metallic coiled seal ring consisting of multiple rings in a groove.

We manufacture internal & external spiral retaining rings in all configurations: VH & VS, WH & WS, EH & ES, WHT & WST, WHM & WSM, DNH & DNS.

Spiral retaining ring has no lugs, which enhances its sealing property: much better than circlip. Internal spiral retaining ring is used for bore, External spiral retaining ring is used for shaft. Internal spiral retaining ring is squeezed smaller after installation, and external spiral retaining ring is stretched larger after installation. This install process makes our spiral retaining ring seal tighter.

Single wound ring is for light duty. double wound ring is for heavy duty.

Pricing & Availability:
Our spiral retaining rings cost half as much as the US ones while quality stays the same.
spiral retaining rings are not in stock. we produce according to your requests.

Request for Quote tips:

There's various material, type, sizes and your order quantity, please specify your request like: material: SS304; product name: EH-52; order quantity: 1000PCS. Your inquiry will be answered within 12 hours.

The following is all the configurations matched with pictures.


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