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Wear linerWear linerWear linerWear liner

Wear liner

  • Wear Resistance: outlast quenched and tempered steels by up to 12 times
  • Material: Q235B+Chromium carbide overlay
  • Hardness: HRC58-62
  • Flatness tolerance: ±3mm/m
  • Product description: Caster wear liner is cut from chromium carbide overlay plate according to your drawings. We have been producing wear liner in China since 2002.

wear liner

Caster wear liner is cut from chromium carbide overlay plate according to your drawings. We also produce CCO pipe.

It gains its wear-resistant properties from chrome carbide, embedded in a stable matrix. Their balanced formulation and excellent price-performance ratio make our composite wear plates the standard solution for a wide range of wear problems.

We also offer Fabrication Services(cutting, drilling, countersunk holes, stud welding) for the creation of all kinds of wear liners.

  1. Considering the long lifespan and less down time, it's cost effective solution when compared to traditional abrasion-resistant steels like hardox.
  2. Perfect for abrasion, fretting, and particle erosion e.g. coal, cement, ore, steel... also for high temperature applications (up to 600°C).
  3. Can withstand mild to moderate impact abrasion resistance.
  4. Low maintenance and easy installation.
  5. The hairline cracks on the overlay surface of CCO plate is perfectly normal occurrence. It will not compromise the wear resistance property, it even enhance the plate impact absorb ability.
Fabrication advise:
  1. Cutting – Recommend plasma burning and water jet.
  2. Welding – Our CCO overlay plate can be welded together, if you want extra large plate.
  3. Bending – Easy to bend to shape, we bend some CCO plates to make large tubes.

Pricing & Availability:

e.g. (based on shipping term:EXW)

4 on 6 wear plate -- $145 per square meter.

6 on 6 wear plate -- $187 per square meter.

(this price is just for your reference, final price may vary. If you worry about shipping, the CIF price is about EXW + $30/Ton)

Products are not in stock. we produce according to your order.

Quality warranty:

If the quality doesn't match your expectation, you can always ask for refund or replacements.

You're welcome to visit us for inspection purpose. Being honest is what keep our business humming.

We also produce Smooth Surface Wear Plate:

Advantage of smooth surface: less friction.   disadvantage: hard to fabricate.

smooth surface wear plate

Technical Specifications & Chemical Composition:

Product Name
wear liner
HS Code


Caster (Chinese pinyin initial: KST)
Base Plate
Hardfacing layer
Chromium carbide overlay, weld overlay
Chemical Composition
C(%): 3.0-5.0, Cr(%): 22-27, Mn(%): 2.0-3.0, B(%): 0.7-1.0 Chrome content can be even higher like 30% or 32%, but the cost will increase accordingly.
The carbide (Cr7C3) volume fraction on the microstructure is above 50%.
Surface Treatment
Overlay, Hardfacing, cladding, coated.
Hardfacing, open arc welding, submerged arc welding.
Wear Resistance
High wear resistance, 30 times higher than low carbon steel and 12 times than heat treated steel.
Impact Resistance
Flatness tolerance
Thickness tolerance
Uniform overlay thickness, with tolerance within ±0.5mm.
Main Thicknesses

3 on 5, 4 on 6, 5 on 6, 6 on 6.

4 on 8, 5 on 8, 6 on 8, 7 on 8, 8 on 8.

4 on 10, 5 on 10, 6 on 10, 7 on 10, 8 on 10, 9 on 10, 10 on 10.

4 on 12, 5 on 12, 6 on 12, 7 on 12, 8 on 12, 9 on 12, 10 on 12, 11 on 12, 12 on 12.

4 on 14, 5 on 14, 6 on 14, 7 on 14, 8 on 14, 9 on 14, 10 on 14, 11 on 14, 12 on 14, 13 on 14, 14 on 14.

6 on 20, 8 on 20, 10 on 20……


Plate Size
Standard chromium carbide overlay wear plate size:1400*3400mm, this is the maximal size. If you want something larger, we can weld 2 plates together. And in the standard size, the plate is cheapest, because there's no cutting and other costs.
Place of Origin
grinding mill liner, hopper liner, silo liner, chute liner, chute lining, crusher liner, etc.

Performance comparison:

Item Hardness(HRC) Max service temperature Abrasion Impact Processibility Service life
Steel plate 35-55 Low ★★
Hardox 37-57 600 ★★ ★★ ★★★ ★★
NM 33-42 600 ★★ ★★ ★★★ ★★
Caster wear plate 58-62 600 ★★★ ★★★ ★★ ★★★★

Product display of our wear liner

chute liner

chromium carbide overlay plate

chute lining

chute lining

Pictures of manufacturing process

chromium carbide overlay plate machine

chromium carbide overlay plate production

chromium carbide overlay plate welding machine

Field application

chromium carbide overlay plate application

Quality inspection
chromium carbide overlay plate inspection

Packaging & Shipping

chromium carbide overlay plate packaging

Packaging: Steel pallet, Non fumigation pallets,Customized

Packaging Size: 1.4*3.4, 1.4*.3.0, customized.
Delivery Detail: Generally it is 5-10 days, it is according to quantity.

Industry application of our wear liner
Cement industry
The cement industry has provided our biggest customer base since our founding. the severe abrasion experienced in cement mills, chutes and hoppers, gives the industry a serious need for equipment protections. Our chromium carbide overlay wear plate/lining provide the best solutions in the world for cement mill rollers of all types.

Mining industry
Face it, no matter what minerals you are mining, there is no escaping the abrasion experienced by mining equipment. not only can we reduce equipment damage to hopper and chutes, but our chromium carbide overlay wear plate lining can significantly extend the life of dump trucks, excavating equipment, and transport equipment.
Coal power industry
the reliable movement of coal is crucial to the coal power industry. when chutes and hoppers need to be replaced, the replacement and repair service costs are expensive, and the downtime can hurt the bottom line. reduce the down time, and extend the life of your equipment with solutions from CASTER chromium carbide overlay wear plate.
Steel industry
the steel industry experiences great wear and tear on its equipment that transports raw ore into its processing areas, CASTRT chromium carbide overlay wear plate protection on chutes and hoppers reduces down time and replacement costs.
Construction Equipment
Wear resistant steel plate(abrasion resistant steel plate) for the protection of the active surfaces of many types of construction equipment. Companies that use dump trucks, bulldozers, and other vehicles used in the construction industry are also our customers.
Other industries
the chromium carbide overlay, hardfacing,or protective cladding services provided by our company can extend the service life of equipment used in many other industries, where heavy equipment experiences wear and abrasion. any industry using hoppers and chutes can benefit from the protection of our chromium carbide overlay wear plate.

After sales

Our company has a professional after-sales service team, with many years of experience not only on hardfacing products and applications, but also on the operation of application equipment. We are able to quickly solve customer’s problems.If there are any quality problems, the responsible person will provide reasonable solutions within 12 hours after being notified.

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